Friday, June 26, 2009

The Art of Measurement

I just finished reading an article by Ian Welsh on "The Art of Measurement". He is writing about measuring the productivity of people in the work force. He points out that some kinds of measurements are very helpful. He also shows ways that measurements can be misused. Poorly designed measurements can turn against the very objective that people aim to achieve. He mentions that the larger the group involved the more obstructive ill designed measurement can become.

A the present, the USA is concerned with rewriting regulations to control productive activities of Americans with special emphasis on financial matters. Some of Welsh's idea's of what to do and what not to do could be very helpful. His article is well written, not too long, and has the optimum number of examples. I added it to my list of things worth keeping.

I am eager to read more of Welsh's web site to see if there are other articles I like.

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